Alaskan Malamute Information & Guides

These guides are intended for Alaskan Malamute breed information and identification.

Alaskan Malamutes have a wide range of individual colors, markings, coats, and body types within the breed. Each dog is different and all possible combinations can not be shown here. Descriptions and illustrations follow the approved breed standard unless otherwise noted as "common" or "pet quality" deviations. Please visit our Publications page for printable documents.

Descriptive Coat Color and Marking Code

Official Color & Marking Code approved by the AMCA.

Illustrated Guidebooks of Alaskan Malamutes

Coat Color Guide - Basic coat colors and color examples.

Coat Markings Guide - Examples of coat and facial markings.

Eye Color Guide - Examples of Alaskan Malamute eye colors.

Breed Comparison Guides

Mal vs Sibe - Alaskan Malamute / Siberian Husky "side by side".

Standard vs Pet - AKC breed standard / common "pet" deviations.

Siberian Husky Colors - Excellant photo site with Husky color descriptions.

General Information

Texas Mal FAQs - Alaskan Malamute FAQ for Texans.

Want A Mal? - General behavior of Alaskan Malamutes

Public Information Documants and Downloads

Publications - Printable versions of Malamute information and other documents.

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